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Long-Term Obesity Among Young Leads to Increased Heart Risk

Scientists find how ‘obesity gene’ makes people fat

on obesity-related medical costs, according to a 2011 report . The study is the first to show that how long a person is obese can independently contribute to heart risk, said Jared Reis, the lead author. What our study suggests is if were measuring only body mass index and waist circumference we may be underestimating the health risks of obesity by not measuring the duration, Reis, an epidemiologist at the NIHs National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute in Bethesda, Maryland , said in a telephone interview. Researchers looked at 3,275 adults ages 18 to 30 years who werent obese at the beginning of the study in the mid-1980s. Those in the study were given redirected computed tomography scans to detect coronary artery calcification over 25 years.

RELATED: OBESITY IS OFFICIALLY A DISEASE, AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION RULES Using a series of tests, hyperlink a British-led research team said they had found that people with the variation not only had higher levels of the “hunger hormone” ghrelin in their blood but also increased sensitivity to the chemical in their brains. “It’s a double hit,” said Rachel Batterham from University College London, who led the study, which was published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation on Monday. RELATED: DIET SODA IS NO HEALTHIER THAN REGULAR: REPORT The discovery follows studies of blood samples from people after meals, combined with functional magnetic resonance imaging of volunteers’ brains and cell-based studies looking at ghrelin production at a molecular level. Batterham said the work provided new insights and possible new leads for treatment, since some experimental drugs are known to suppress ghrelin and could be particularly effective if targeted at patients with the obesity-risk variant of the gene. RELATED: TENNESSEE WOMAN DIAGNOSED WITH ‘GHETTO BOOTY’ Previous research has also shown that ghrelin can be reduced by eating a high-protein diet.


Unique Full Body Bodyweight Exercise Video Released by Bodyweight Torch

bodyweight exercises and workouts

Bodyweight Torch

Mike Whitfield, a trainer in Atlanta, GA who has lost 105 pounds, really enjoys showing unique bodyweight exercises to his readers and clients. When he discovered the unique full body bodyweight exercise called the “Kong”, he immediately wanted to share it with his readers on video.

“The Kong exercise is a great full body bodyweight exercise that works the abs as well. I discovered this unique bodyweight exercise through a program from my friend Adam Steer. I fell in love with it immediately and used it with both my online and offline clients. The Kong exercise is also a great way to improve anyone’s conditioning without any equipment. This total body exercise is certainly challenging and takes coordination. That’s why I wanted to do a demonstration of it on video for our readers. When there are a variety of bodyweight conditioning exercises that aren’t boring inside a program, people will stick to the program longer. This means better results will come through consistency. The feedback on our videos has been really positive, especially when we release unique bodyweight exercises such as the Kong exercise. My clients really enjoy the challenge of using so many muscles at one time. They also love that they can incorporate these unique bodyweight exercises in the comfort of their own home without having to invest in expensive equipment like treadmills or ellipticals. We plan on introducing more unique bodyweight exercises on our YouTube channel and we look forward to helping people have fun with their bodyweight exercise routines”, said Mike Whitfield, the creator behind Bodyweight Torch. Bodyweight Torch is a 4-week bodyweight exercise program that uses zero equipment.

Anyone can download the free bodyweight training program at

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How to Increase Metabolism by Eating Foods That Burn Fat Detailed in New Report by Fat Loss Expert

increase metabolism with fat burning foods

Foods that Increase Metabolism

Fat Loss Expert has released a new video that provides information showing viewers how to increase metabolism. Most people resent diets due to the limitations on what foods can be eaten and what they taste like but the foods found in this report are both delicious and healthy. By utilizing this report viewers will be able to boost metabolism and burn belly fat by eating specific foods.

Additionally, the video shows how balancing daily exercise routines and a structured meal plan can increase metabolism boosters in the body and help aid with weight loss goals. When the foods available with the report are combined with the one day diet plan the body’s metabolism will increase naturally.

With the video viewers gain access to a free report given away by that explains in detail how to increase metabolism by increasing the leptin levels in the body. Leptin is the essential hormone to burn fat and increase weight loss. Fat Loss Expert also explains how staggering caloric intake can help increase metabolism and further goes on to detail how combining the smoothie diet and these fat burning foods can optimize metabolic boosters in the body.

The metabolism boosting foods report is available here and is a free downloadable guide available for a limited time.

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