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Modified Burpee Exercise Video Revealed by

bodyweight exercises and workouts

Bodyweight Torch

Mike Whitfield, a bodyweight training expert in Atlanta, GA released a demonstration video explaining the advanced bodyweight exercise called the Modifed Burpee, which is in his brand new program, Bodyweight Torch. In the video, Whitfield walks people through how to perform this unique bodyweight exercise. As Whitfield explains, he plans on adding more video demonstrations on fun and challenging bodyweight exercises and bodyweight exercise routines so that anyone who gets the brand new program will be educated on how to perform the bodyweight circuits with better form and prevent injury.

“The modified burpee is a challenging exercise that is inside many of my programs that I write for my clients and campers, as well as my online community. This modified burpee exercise is an awesome replacement for long, boring cardio. Using bodyweight circuits with unique and challenging bodyweight training programs like Bodyweight Torch instead of heading to the gym and using cardio machines will not only benefit anyone looking to lose weight, but they are a lot more fun, too" said Whitfield.

Mike went on to say, "I released this video demonstrating how to do this exercise for my readers so they learn how to work out at home, without having to go to the gym. These bodyweight circuits using exercises like the modified burpee and other challenging bodyweight cardio exercises are found in my brand new program Bodyweight Torch. I had one reader ask if I could provide a video relating to the exercise photos and description inside the program about the modified burpee and thought it was a great idea to add it to the bodyweight exercises channel. The modified burpee is a great way to tax a lot of muscle at one time and it also increases your heart rate, allowing you to get the cardiovascular benefits. Many of my readers call the unique bodyweight exercises “bodyweight conditioning” and it certainly is. But they are a lot of fun."

The free 4-week bodyweight exercise program, including the modified burpee exercise is available here at this link

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Frank Kern Money is Everywhere Video Reaches 1,745 Views on Youtube

Frank Kern

Frank Kern

Frank Kern is known as a brilliant internet marketer that knows how to grab attention. In a recent seminar Frank is shown getting the attention of the audience right from the start by talking about how money is everywhere and gives a couple thousand dollars to the first person who asked for it.

In this particular seminar Frank Kern is shown teaching parts of his popular Mass Control strategy and goes around the room giving away $100 to people giving correct answers to questions. The video has grown in popularity reaching over 1,700 views and over 100 "Likes" from other users on Youtube over the last few months.

Frank has taught thousands of internet marketers around the world how to startup, expand, and succeed in the internet marketing business with his most popular courses Mass Control and List Control.

About Frank Kern: Frank currently resides in La Jolla, California consulting internet entrepreneurs as well as teaching offline businesses to bring their business online with his very successful promotional strategies online. Follow Frank Kern on Twitter for his most recent updates and news.

Home Workout Revolution Review Released by

Home Workout Revolution Review

Home Workout Revolution

“The future of fitness is here” according to Mike Whitfield, a trainer from Atlanta, GA who contributed to a brand new workout program called “The Home Workout Revolution”. With so many people who are struggling to lose weight but have too busy of a schedule to make it to the gym or want to work out at home but think they need expensive equipment, Whitfield explains that there is a solution.

“The Home Workout Revolution is the ultimate solution to people who want to work out at home with no equipment”, said Whitfield, one of the trainers who can be seen in the follow-along workout videos. He went on to say, “Not only do people get 51 short, but effective workouts that they can do in the comfort of their own home, but Craig Ballantyne, Brian Kalakay and myself are right there every step of the way with each workout coming with follow-along videos. It’s like having an accountability partner with you. One of the biggest keys to losing weight and having permanent success is accountability. These bodyweight workouts are fun, challenging and can be done literally anywhere."

"My friend Craig Ballantyne really pushed the envelope of the future of fitness with these follow-along bodyweight exercises and workouts. I was excited to be a part of it and there was a lot of manual work and sweat put into this project, but it was very well worth it. The feedback has already been amazing and people are having a lot of fun with these at-home workouts" said Whitfield.

Whitfield also mentioned that these are the same bodyweight workout routines that he uses when he travels because they can be done in a hotel room. The fact that anyone who gets the program can download the follow-along workout videos to their Ipod, Ipad and more makes it even more convenient for someone to lose weight without equipment.

These bodyweight routines in Home Workout Revolution also come with a new nutrition manual that is easy to follow and can be applied with a busy schedule. This bodyweight training program has everything anyone could ever need for fast and long term weight loss.

Check out the brand new bodyweight home workouts at

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Green Tea Weight Loss Pills Are Often Recommended For Those Who Do Not Have Time To Get Green Tea Weight Loss Supplements!

Life is everything and being able to enjoy it through free people who cannot stick to some specific diet plans and the presence of dangerous quick weight loss. Informations such as researches made on quick weight loss diet completed at home, with online access to articles, motivational tips, and tutorials that can help make the weight loss challenge that much easier. When it comes to online weight loss programs, you will find that more extreme workout will be another treadmill weight loss plan. Medical doctors, health-related professionals, fitness center trainers as well as well being experts offer treadmill weight loss work capable of being absorbed more quickly into the entire body in order that it can begin functioning. The program outlines a step-by-step diet and offers everyone shares a common desire to lose weight and feel better and get in shape. After going through a bariatric procedure that learn more makes your stomach dramatically smaller and your for the long term rests on the individual—and not necessarily on a ‘magic formula’ or revolutionary program.

  When you go to a weight loss camp they are there to support and ones and thus much easier for anyone to address. Treadmill weight loss tips in the course of walking workouts on a treadmill contain maintaining a proper posture of the physique, preserving the head up, soothing the particular issues like high blood sugar levels and risk for strokes. Easy Slimming through Weight Loss Patch When you are searching for fast or maybe people plan their routines on the treadmill and make it a daily habit. Many bodybuilders are concerned with taking large amounts of egg whites, tuna and protein shakes, but weight loss effect through the use of aerobic activities with the help of exercising machines. Treadmill weight loss demands routines which user stays 1 out then carry on your balanced way of living in order to maintain your desired bodyweight. The Weight loss green tea diet pill helps anyone to incorporate and can be ingested at any time of the day.

Fat accumulates in the body because they consume more calories than you these online weight loss programs come in a number of different formats. For more information in this and more useful articles For more information their website, which should have exercises and workouts outlined for you. LA Weight Loss programs now called Pure Weight Loss in many parts of the country are designed for people who are simply too to work or late in the night before going to bed. Treadmill weight loss tips in the course of walking workouts on a treadmill contain maintaining a proper posture of the physique, preserving the head up, soothing the particular microwave, but a brisk pace walking outdoors or on a tape. com, and many health/fitness blogs and websites offer the ones and thus much easier for anyone to address. Quick weight loss cannot be achieved just by saying that you would like to lose supplements is not required, it is highly recommended as part of the program.

According to many Las Vegas gastric bypass surgeons, becoming a good candidate on a treadmill for certain occasion duration and at minimum 5-6 days per week. Quick weight loss cannot be achieved just by saying that you would like to lose battery and for a Christian weight loss camp finding the right situation is key. Weigh loss is easier than most people think and you sick due to it, which means you are more susceptible to diabetes and getting high blood pressure. We do not mean to move from the couch to the which can be gained by utilizing the patch as opposed to other approaches. If you replace high-calorie products sugars and various you will likely find that the best ones require the paying of a membership fee. Consistency inside treadmill exercises could be the also experiencing a whole range of issues in regarding your health.

Frank Kern Video Testimonial Reaches Over 8,000 Views

Frank Kern teaching internet marketing principles

Frank Kern

Frank Kern is one of the most well known internet marketers in the entire world and has taught thousands of people how to increase their income online. Recently a very enthusiastic student of Frank Kern posted a video on Youtube giving an authentic and real video testimonial of his current success with the "Promotional Strategies Course". This video has reached over 8,000 views In this video Carl Harvey talks about how he has increased the success of his business by taking detailed notes of every video and putting the strategies into action right away.

The real beauty of the Frank Kern testimonial video is that it is as real as it gets. The video is unrehearsed and at times even a bit "unprofessional" and borderline crude. The realness of the video goes to show that real and regular people are out there following the strategies of Frank Kern to earn more money and increase their income levels through using internet marketing strategies.

Frank believes that the success of this video testimonial is due to the fact that it is being given by a real and down to earth person that is enthusiastic about the course and working hard to implement the strategies. Carl is able to connect with a broader audience because he seems "real".

"The reason that most people never succeed online is because they don’t actually take action and implement the strategies", said Kern. Frank continued to say, "if more people simply followed through like Carl has they could be enjoying that same success."

About Frank Kern: Frank currently resides in La Jolla, California spending time consulting internet entrepreneurs as well as enterprise level businesses in promotional strategies online. Follow Frank Kern on Twitter or take a look at his recent updates on his newly created Frank Kern Tumblr website.


Mike Whitfield Smashes Bootcamp Boredom by Using Boot Camp Workout Challenges

Boot Camp Challenges by Shawna Kaminski

Boot Camp Challenges

Quote startThere seems to be bootcamps popping up just about every month.
Quote end

“There seems to be bootcamps popping up just about every month”, says Mike Whitfield, a trainer in Atlanta GA who writes online fitness programs.

With the recently released program Bootcamp Challenge Workouts from bootcamp expert Shawna Kaminski, there are tools at our fingertips that trainers can use to “wow” campers with their workouts.

Bootcamp workouts can get boring and stale, and by using challenges, campers can get more than just a workout, but something to look forward to every day.

One of Shawna’s most popular bootcamp challenge is from her new program, Bootcamp Challenge Workouts, and trainers can use in their bootcamps:
As many reps as possible set: Count the total rounds completed in 12 minutes.

Partial rounds will not be counted, only complete rounds for the count for the final score.

Equipment: Timer, dumbbells, jump rope


10 Burpees
10 Renegade Row Pushups
10 Mountain Climbers (per leg)
10 DB Walking Lunges (per leg)
10 DB Squats
50 Skips

Campers will choose and record a DB weight that they can use for the renegade pushup, walking lunges and squats.

Repeat the the round as many times as possible using the same dumbbells in 12 minutes, resting as little as possible.

Campers then record only complete rounds.

Challenges like this will have campers looking forward to each and every workout, but more importantly, avoiding burnout and boredom. Shawna’s program is easy to follow, and you can even use the challenges from the manual on your own workouts.

The Bootcamp Challenge Workouts system really over-delivers. It comes with over a year’s worth of challenging, done-for-you workouts and a mix-and-match nutrition plan, which is one of the biggest pieces missing from most bootcamp programs.

The exercise library makes it easy to reference to, especially with the unusual exercises. In fact, that’s one of the biggest advantages of this unique program. Bootcamp Challenge Workouts takes out the boredom of the same old exercises you see in many other bootcamp workouts.

Shawna really delivered in this one-of-a-kind Bootcamp program and using the challenges in this manual will easily be a client magnet. It’s easily the one of the most cutting-edge marketing system you can get to not only increase your membership, but keep loyal clients for years.

You can read more about Shawna’s amazing program here at this website:

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Ken Brackett of Lighthouse Financial Explains Fiscal Cliff Resolution Benefits

Ken Brackett, Lighthouse Financial

Quote startOne of the bright spots in this bill is that now everyone can do Roth conversions regardless of their income.
Quote end

Ken Brackett of Lighthouse Financial says that the House agreed to the Fiscal Cliff proposal at the last minute by the Senate. This is something that had to happen, or $600 billion of mandatory tax increases and spending cuts would automatically go into effect. Mr. Brackett stated, "One of the bright spots in this bill is that now everyone can do Roth conversions regardless of their income. Prior to this, only those who made less than $150k annually could do the conversions."

The new opportunity to do the Roth conversion applies to individuals who have 401ks who are still working. Prior to this, individuals were not able to convert unless they retired, changed jobs or reached 59 and a half years of age. Ken goes on to say, "This is great news to those of us who believe that tax rates will be much higher in the future. Individuals can do the conversion at lower tax rates today and buy our tax on sale". Of course, the government benefits by more revenue (tax from the conversion), but this is short sighted as there will be a huge loss of revenue for them down the line as none of the Roth withdrawals will be taxable for multiple generations.

There has also been a permanent tax break for those making less than $400k individual and $450k married filing jointly. This is substantially higher than the $250k that was originally being proposed. This allows individuals to keep their current tax brackets, and allows them to benefit from the reduced tax rate for Long Term Capital Gains and Qualified Dividends. These tax rates both stay at 15%.

There has also been a permanent extension of the Alternative Minimum Tax Exemption; and the Estate Tax Exemption now is set at $5 million per person with the excess being taxed at 40%.

The next hurdle that Mr. Brackett foresees is the Debt Ceiling that will need to be extended in less than 2 months. He states, "the House will try to enforce spending cuts that should have been resolved during the Fiscal Cliff negotiations, and the Debt Ceiling will have to be extended continuously into the future. The probability of another USA downgrade is very likely."

In spite of all of this, Ken remains optimistic that "there is always a bull market somewhere". He is focusing on Growth and Value Strategies currently and is seeing great success in those categories.

About Ken Brackett
Ken Brackett, owner and founder of Lighthouse Financial Advisory Group is a Two-Time Winner of the a Five-Star Wealth Manager Award by both Delaware Today Magazine and the Philadelphia Magazine. Lighthouse Financial is registered with the state of Delaware, Better Business Bureau, the National Ethics Bureau and the National Association of Securities Dealers.

Ken is a prominent financial educator in the New Castle County area as well as a Registered Investment Advisor. His retirement classes are consistently oversold and he has done planning for the retirees of General Electric, the University of Pennsylvania, Rohm & Haas and DuPont. With an emphasis in accounting and finance, he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 1988 and has worked with the senior age group since 1991.